How Does Limbic System Neuro-Rehabilitation Work?

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) is a Limbic System Neuro-Rehabilitation protocol developed by Annie Hopper, an expert in the field of acquired limbic system brain injuries and neuroplasticity. The program is drug-free and neuroplasticity-based. Trauma has shown to disorganize established neural circuits particularly in the Limbic System, therefore DNRS integrates cognitive-behavior therapy, neural linguistic reprogramming, mindfulness based cognitive restructuring, emotional restructuring therapy, neural shaping with incremental training, and behavior modification therapy to remap neural networks in the brain. The full list of medical conditions applicable for the therapy is listed here.

When someone is chronically ill or in pain, the brain sends out a constant stream of chemical/hormone messages to alert the rest of the body that something is wrong – this response stems from the fight-or-flight response governed by the sympathetic nervous system. It is the Limbic System which plays the major role in processing the information for the nervous system by taking input from our environment via our senses and determines autonomically (subconsciously) whenever this alert response is needed. Infections, chemical exposure, and physical trauma initiate this response in addition to emotional distress and genetic predispositions. Unfortunately, the fight-or-flight response can become perpetually “stuck in the on position” after an initial physical or emotional trauma. The trauma now recorded in the neural circuits will reduce or even prevent the body’s capacity to heal itself if the faulty circuitry is not rewired.

Our conscious thought patterns hold insight into our subconscious programming which is where the faulty wiring has taken place. In short, overriding the fight-or-flight response allows the body to put its energy back into cellular repair and regeneration, which is a natural process that the body is designed to do. Overriding your fight-or-flight response is actually a skill that can be learned, and the tools are taught in Limbic System Neuro-Rehabilitation training.

With practice, the fight-or-flight response is no longer initiated inappropriately. As this response normalizes, the body’s natural repair mechanisms resume. Through techniques of neuroplasticity, new and healthy brain connections are created while faulty connections are disconnected. As your brain takes new neural pathways that mitigate activation of the fight-or-flight response processed in the Limbic System, you will begin to feel better. As the new circuitry becomes the predominant way your brain now functions, which is experienced in as little as 6 months, your Limbic System Neuro-Rehabilitation process is complete. This is a live video of neurons breaking old connections and establishing new ones just as yours would…

The doctors I worked with were especially excited and intrigued by my recovery. The 35 specialists I had seen and my 2 visits to the Mayo Clinic had been helpful in diagnosing many of my conditions, but determining how to recover was not known. My suggested plan of action was to take medication to manage the symptoms and wait until I “grew out of it.” However, my health continued to decline and the medication intended to make me more comfortable never did. This program helped my doctors and me understand that at the heart of my growing list of conditions was an acquired Limbic System Impairment. After a decade’s worth of pain and illness, we finally learned why it was all happening and how I could get better with the information provided through the Dynamic Neural Retraining System.

The Dynamic Neural Retraining Services & Materials


To begin this treatment, jump in with the DNRS Instructional DVDs. I recommend the DVDs because of its reasonable price tag, starting at $250, and you can learn the neuroplasticy-based tools at home, which is necessary for housebound individuals. I also like that you can receive a complete, written DVD transcript in addition if looking at a screen for long periods of time is difficult due to extreme electrical or light sensitivity. If you have a caregiver and/or you cannot view the DVDs yourself, have your caregiver or a loved one watch the DVDs so they can learn how you will be implementing the therapy at home.

Once you have ordered the DVDs, you will have free access to the DNRS Online Community Forum. The forum is geared towards recovery and celebrating your progress. I really enjoyed being able to converse with others implementing this treatment. Everyone was supportive, encouraging, and they always knew how to put a smile on my face. After you watch the Instructional DVD Series, you also gain access to DNRS Telephone Coaching Support. What makes the coaches’ insight so unique and valuable is they each experienced their own restoration of health using this protocol. Don’t worry if your coach recovered from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and you are suffering with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome etc…the DNRS Coaches are trained in every Limbic System Impairment related condition. My DNRS Coach didn’t have half the conditions I was looking to recover from, but she was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! She offered me recommendations that directly improved my application of the program, and she was simply a joy to work with.

At any time, you can attend a DNRS Interactive Training Seminar to experience the intensive 5-day in-person program. Around 50% of participants attend a training seminar at some point during their treatment. I attended one 6 months after I watched the DVDs series. The training seminar was invaluable for me because it gave me the confidence to know that, yes, at the root of all my diagnoses was an impaired Limbic System, and yes, there is an answer for that and this is it! It convinced me to let go of my doubt and follow the program the way it is laid out in the DVDs. Remember that you are welcome to attend an Interactive Training Seminar before ordering or completing the Instructional DVDs if you prefer.

I can honestly say I have never seen a more effective treatment for those battling chronic ailments. Perhaps even more interestingly, I have yet to see this program fail a willing retrainer. Every participant I knew that implemented the program as prescribed in the DVDs experienced life-changing improvement. So I hold the highest wishes for you and your recovery!

Not Ready To Jump In?

I don’t think you can go wrong beginning the DNRS Instructional DVDs (they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee), but if you are considering the Dynamic Neural Retraining System and need to learn more first, you can reach out to DNRS at

Also, you may read Wired for Healing by Annie Hopper. In it, Annie relays the science behind her protocol in which the brain is remapped for healing. Her book serves as an introduction to the realm of acquired limbic system impairments and neuroplastic healing. Chapter 10 also includes more details of my story.

Wired for Healing 

by Annie Hopper, Dynamic Neural Retraining System creator

“Hopper sheds light on how trauma causes the brain to disorganize neural circuits and shares triumphant stories of recovery of people who have been liberated from chronic and mysterious illnesses through remapping the brain.”




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